Ice Breaker (optional – choose one below)

  • What is the greatest thing that has ever happened to you (other than a relationship with God?)
  • If you were to die today – what would you want your last words to be and who would you want to say them to?
  • Have you ever won anything for free? What was it?

Main Idea

At the cross, all that Jesus was sent to do was accomplished. Now, there’s a new offer on the table for us – to trade our guilt for God’s grace.


What stood out to you from this weekend’s message?


How did the songs we sang relate to the message?


The notion that we have a ‘debt to God’ isn’t a popular idea. Many of us have been told at least once in our lives that we’re “fine (or even perfect) just the way we are. Do you find the idea that we’re not “ok” offensive or is that comforting to you? Why?


What do you think Jesus meant when he said, “It is finished?”


What does the Bible say?

Jesus’ work on Earth accomplished many things. Donnie mentioned a few in this weekend’s message. For the sake of time, pick one to focus on as a group. (you can always come back to the other ones later or on your own)

  1. Jesus’ death removed our sin and guilt. Read John 1:29
  • If this is a fact, how much room is there for guilt in the Christian life?


  • If this is a fact, how does this affect my relationship to God?


  • If God has shown me mercy, how should I treat others?


  1. Jesus’ death removed God’s wrath. Read 1 John 4:9-10
  • God has always loved us (John 3:16) but now that justice has been served. His love can be fully realized! When you pray, do you feel like you’re approaching a judge looking for justice or a loving Father? How does this fact affect how we talk to God?


  • Would you say that you are more or less concerned than God is with keeping your relationship with God in a good place? Who wins in this relationship?


  • What does this reveal about God’s character?


  1. Jesus’ death reconciles us to God. Read 2 Corinthians 5:18-20
  • How do you treat your enemies?


  • Obviously, God doesn’t need us to participate in what He is doing in the world – but for some reason He has chosen to allow us to participate in changing the world as His “ambassadors.” What does it mean for a Christian to have a “ministry of reconciliation?”


  • What does this reveal about God’s character?


  1. Jesus’ death defeated Satan. Read Colossians 2:13-15
  • Is the idea of Satan and other fallen angels being “disarmed” and “shamed” news to you? How does that affect how we live?


  • When the world talks about Satan (in movies, books, etc.) does it use terms such as “disarmed” and “shamed?” What terms does it use? Whose description should we trust?


  • Most world religions view the world through the lens of good and evil as equal forces in the world. What do these verses tell us about how strong our God is?


  1. Jesus’ death offers you life. Read Romans 6:23
  • What is the difference in “life” and “eternal life?”


  • How much does a “free gift” cost?


  • What does this tell us about the generosity of God? How much should we be willing to trust Him in other areas of our life?

Apply the Message

There are many things that Jesus might have said with his dying breath. Despite unparalleled suffering, he chose to say, “it is finished.” Jesus wasn’t just speaking as a matter-of-fact; rather, He spoke for the benefit of those who heard (and speaks for the benefit of those who continue to hear him.)

  • How is Jesus’ work being finished important for Christians?


  • Do you ever have a tough time believing this practically? Do you ever feel like you “owe” God something or that you need to “clean up” some aspect of your life before he can truly love you? Why do you think that this is a common misconception? Share with the group.


There’s nothing else that needs to be done, or can be done, for even the lowest, most broken person to have a perfect relationship with God. The good news of Christianity is that God moved towards us when we were helpless and the debt we couldn’t pay has already been paid on our behalf. The only role that we can play in this transaction is to accept this generous gift through faith.

This is great news for anyone who still doesn’t have a relationship with God! Who is one person that needs to hear this news? Share that person’s name with the group and spend a few moments praying for each person by name. Ask God to give you boldness to invite that person and that He would give them the desire to join you for one of our Easter services.

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