Ice Breaker (optional)

  • The last Blockbuster video in the US closed this month. When was your last trip to a Blockbuster and what did you rent?

Main Idea

We pray because God can and will answer prayers.



When you were growing up, how was prayer a part of your life or your family? How is that similar or different in your life now?


Some of the reasons we don’t pray are complacency, unbelief and discouragement. Which of these are you most affected by? How has it impacted your prayers?


When have you seen a significant prayer answered in your life? How often and for how long did you pray for that answer?


What does the Bible say?

Read 2 Kings 20:1-6

What does this passage show us about God’s willingness to hear the prayers of his people?


What does this teach us about how we can and should pray?


Apply the Message

As a human, Jesus needed guidance and power from the Holy Spirit, so He brought his requests to the Father.

  • What things could you be bringing to God in prayer that you haven’t?
  • What prayers have you been praying that you could pray more boldly?
  • What could our group pray for you about?

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