Main Idea
God is speaking, but are you willing to listen and obey?

Share a time when you tried everything you could think of to get someone’s attention, but no matter what you did, they wouldn’t listen to you. Was there anything that finally worked to get their attention?

Share a time when you know you heard from God? How did you know it was His voice?

When God speaks, His voice is always consistent with His written Word and it always makes us more like Jesus. Has this been true of your experience? Give an example.

What does the Bible say?
Read 1 Kings 19:9-13

  1. After reading this passage, what stands out that is worth highlighting?
  2. How did God choose to speak to Elijah?
  3. This story reveals that, not only does God desire to speak but that He is moving all of nature to speak to us. But God doesn’t stop there! God is in the simple, quiet whisper of the everyday and mundane. This is where we live isn’t it?  God is using everything to speak to us. He uses the “quiet moments” at the grocery store, through a text message, our kids, our coworkers, etc. Through anyone or anything He can speak and we can hear if we are sensitive to His voice.

Question:  How could you intentionally put yourself in a place to hear from God in the everyday moments of life?

Apply the message

We have a God who wants to speak to you. Are you listening? One of the ways He speaks to us is through His Word & Prayer. Take a step this week that will connect your listening to God’s speaking:

Crawl: Pick one verse every day for the next week. Write it on a card or text it to yourself then refer back to it throughout your day to keep your mind focused on God.

Walk: Carve out time to read a Psalm of the day (whatever day of the month it is–read that Psalm) every day this week. Pray before you read and ask God for insight into His Word and how you can apply it to your life through the day. Make this Psalm your prayer throughout your day.

Run: Take time to memorize Psalm 19 this week. There are 14 verses that speak about the greatness of God, His good Word and how He instructs us in our everyday lives. Memorize two verses per day this week. As you memorize you can listen to Him speak throughout your day.

Come back next week ready to share how it went. Have a great week!

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