Main Idea
To know where God is directing, we need to move in God’s direction.


Who is the person that has had the most influence shaping you into the person you are today? Why?


Who’s the indecisive person in your relationships when it comes to picking a place to eat? What friend? Wife? Husband? (Pro tip: If you don’t know—you may be the indecisive one!)

Share some of the challenges that indecisive people face.

Share some of the benefits that are received from a person who is decisive.


What does the Bible say?
Proverbs 13:16

In American culture, we put a premium on not only having a lot of options but acting on options as “smart.” But according to King Solomon, a pretty wise dude in his own right, what is the wise thing?


James 4:13-17

According to James, what does he say about making plans?

When James speaks of arrogance in verse 16, what do you think he is referring to?

Do you struggle with thinking YOU are the maker of your own future? How?  Who holds your future?


Apply the message
Would you say that this group is a place where you can be open and transparent with the “stuff” going on in your life? Why or why not? Regardless of how you answer, take time as a group now and make a renewed commitment to being open and transparent.

Leader Instruction: Pray or have another member of the group pray that the group would be willing to take a risk by openly sharing some places in your lives where you have been indecisive (Should I end my marriage, should I go on this mission trip, should I step up and serve at church on the weekend, should I take this other job, etc.). What are some steps we can take as a group to encourage and challenge each other to take one step towards making a God honoring decision?

Disclaimer: As you answer the questions under the Apply section, if breaking into separate groups for men and women seems more conducive to having an honest conversation, feel free to split up for these questions.


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