Main Idea  

Experiencing and extending mercy is essential to God’s dream for the Church.


What is the sports team you love and hate the most?  Why? 


How did the “Group Challenge” go this week?  What habit did you practice?  How did it go?


Read Luke 10:25-37 out loud as a group and discuss:

  • What do you notice about the attitude of the religious people who did not help the hurting person? Why it is significant that the Samaritan is the “hero” in the story?
  • What does this story teach us about Jesus and what God wants for our life?
  • What would it look like for you to be more like the Samaritan in the story?

Read Matthew 5:7:

  • Is it more difficult for you to receive or extend mercy when a mistake is made? Why?


Have everyone take a minute to pray and reflect on two questions.

  1. How do you need to experience God’s mercy?
  2. Who in your life needs God’s mercy from you?

Write down the first thing that comes to mind and spend some time sharing what you wrote as a group.

Make sure to spend time praying for each other, the Church, and those in your life who need God’s mercy.

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