Ice Breaker (optional – choose one below)

  • How do you describe what you do for a living to your friends? To strangers at a party? To your family?
  • Which is your favorite way to dance – with others or alone?
  • If you could have any one person pray for you, who would that be and why?

Main Idea

If you could have anyone in the world pray for you, who would you ask? What if someone way more important already did? This week we listen in on one of Jesus’ last prayers on Earth and learn how He prayed for us.


What stood out to you from this weekend’s message?

How did the songs relate to the message we heard?

Has there ever been a time that you felt really unified with a group? Why did you feel this way?

What does the Bible say?

Read John 17 (Your group can break up this into sections to let more than one person read)

This week we’re going to learn the skill of outlining the passage. Looking at the big picture can help a chapter’s main point stand out and can keep us from misunderstanding what’s being said. We’ve given you a basic outline. After you’ve read the passage as a group, fill in the blanks.

John 17 – ________________________

(v. 1-5) Jesus prays for _____________________________

(v. 6-26) Jesus prays for _____________________________

(v.6-19) Jesus prays for _____________________________

(v. 6-13) Jesus prays that _______________________________

(v. 14-19) Jesus prays that ______________________________

(v. 20-26) Jesus prays for ____________________________

(v. 20-24) Jesus prays that _______________________________

(v. 25-26) Jesus prays that _______________________________

  • This is Jesus’ last prayer before being arrested and killed. If you knew you were about to be arrested or tortured, how would you pray?
  • Obviously Jesus really cares about Christians being unified. What does unity look like? Does it mean we always agree on everything? Why or why not?
  • Can we be united even when we disagree on some things? Why is it so important for us to pursue unity?

Apply the Message, Own the Mission

Jesus didn’t ask the Father that those who follow him would be taken out of the world, rather that we would be kept safe in the world as we are sent into the world.

  • As a group, are you isolated from those who don’t know Jesus? How so?
  • Other than being isolated, what are some ways that your group can encourage each other this week to be more insulated (protected) from the world?

Tweet this: If the world never rubs shoulders with salt & light it will never find life -are we insulated or isolated? #BookofJohn @get_hope

Tweet this: “Insulate them so they can have an impact in the world without being impacted by the world.” – Jesus #BookofJohn @get_hope

Tweet this: When we come to the final, most important things to Jesus just before his death- he was concerned about our unity #BookofJohn @get_hope

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