Ice Breaker (optional – choose one below)

  • Have you ever had a “Griswold” Christmas where nothing went like it should? Where did things go wrong?
  • This weekend Donnie used NASCAR as a metaphor for the madness in his life during the holiday season. If you had to pick a different sport to describe your holiday experience, which would you pick and why?
  • Have you ever needed to make the more difficult decision because it was the right thing to do? What happened?

Main Idea

The Christmas story is a story of everybody’s plans getting changed. Nobody’s life turned out the way they originally thought it was going to happen. We’ve all got plans for our lives but sometimes God’s going to change those plans because He wants something better. How will we respond when He does this?


What stood out to you from this weekend’s message?

Had you ever considered Mary & Joseph’s perspective in Jesus’ birth? How does their perspective impact the story?

What does the Bible say?

Read Proverbs 14:12

  • Is this true for you as well or is it just a generality?
  • If each of us has “blind spots” how can anyone make good decisions?
  • What does it look like for you to give God the space to tell you something different than what you’re planning on?

Read Isaiah 55:8-9

  • What are the two sets of things being compared in this poem?
  • What do these two sets have in common with one another?
  • How is this truth encouraging and how might it be warning?

Apply the Message

This weekend, Donnie challenged us by asking “what do you do when God changes your plans?”

  • Do you have long term “plans?” Share one with the group.
  • Does the idea of those plans changing (even for good!) cause you anxiety? Not everyone’s answer will be the same, why do you think you answered how you did?

A huge part of being able to trust God with our future is remembering his continued faithfulness. We may not know which of our plans will need to change at some time in the future but we can choose to remember God’s faithfulness. Today; share with at least two people how God has changed your plans in the past and used you in a way you might never have expected.

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