***This week’s curriculum is child-appropriate (both in content and length) and could be a great opportunity to invite even very young members to participate!
Ice Breaker (optional – choose one below)

  • If you could share a meal and an entire day with anyone, who would it be?
  • Do you have a favorite article of clothing? What is it and why is it so special to you?
  • What was the last time you got “dressed up” to go somewhere special?

Main Idea

Easter is a celebration of when God stepped into history – moving towards us so we could trade our lack for His life. Jesus’ empty tomb proves that a relationship with God transcends any brokenness we might face – even death!


What stood out to you most from this weekend’s message?


How did the songs we sang relate to the message?


What does the Bible say?

As a group, take turns reading sections & read through John 20-21.

While others are reading, try to answer this question: What about the disciples remind you of yourself? Explain:


Read Revelation 3:20

  • In this verse, what is the relationship of Jesus and the reader?


  • What does Jesus want from the reader?


  • What is keeping Jesus from getting what he wants from the reader?


  • Jesus did a lot of stuff. Why did he record the things about Jesus he did? (Hint: check out John 20:30-31)


Apply the Message

God could share a meal with any of the famous, great men and women of history, but for some reason, He is committed to a relationship with you. Today, He is waiting for you to invite Him in to encourage us to grow in our relationship with the author of Life and the source of every good thing.

  • Is there a “closed door” separating you and Jesus that you can open to Him today? What would opening that door look like?


  • Who is far from God but close to you? What would it look like for you to introduce them to Jesus this week?


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