Main Idea

We need community if we want to experience the hope of Jesus.


What is the best TV series you have watched recently and what did you like about it?


Compare and contrast Ecclesiastes 4:8 with Acts 2:42-48

· What do these passages show you about the need for community in our life?

· What are the positive effects when we have community versus when we are alone and isolated?

· How has this season of COVID impacted your mental and relational health?

In Luke 19, Jesus sees someone who is isolated and pursues a personal relationship with Him that changes his life. Read Luke 19:1-10 and discuss:

· What does this story show you about the way Jesus loves and pursues people?

· Who is your Zacchaeus? (Someone in your life that might be isolated that you could encourage to grow in relationship with Jesus)


If we are going to build closer relationships during COVID, we need to be creative to encourage each other to grow.

· To that end, we want to encourage you to sign up for the Growth Challenge.

· Discuss the options on the PDF below for how you can use the challenge best in your group.

· Don’t forget about the Zacchaeus’ out there that you could invite to join you.

Spend time sharing prayer requests and praying for your mental and relational health.

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