Main Idea

God wants to help us deal with depression in community rather than staying isolated.


In the last month, what has been your greatest celebration and your greatest concern?


Read 1 Kings 19:1-21 together and discuss Elijah’s experience with depression.

  • What do you notice about why Elijah falls into depression and how God helps him out of it?
  • What do you find most encouraging or interesting about this moment in Elijah’s life?

In your life, to what degree have you dealt with depression?  Which of the four reasons Elijah fell into depression resonates most with your experience?

  1. He was coming off an emotional high.
  2. He was isolated from his supporting relationships.
  3. He was physically exhausted.
  4. He felt sorry for himself.

When you are struggling, which form of help comes most naturally to you and is most difficult for you?

  • Taking time to rest and refresh (19:5-6)
  • Finding comfort in God’s Word (19:7-19)
  • Seeking a close, personal friend (19:21)


How do you think you could be better at seeking out help when you are struggling?


As you head toward Christmas, discuss some ways you can encourage each other and those in your life that might be lonely.

Spend some time for the needs of your group and those in your life that need the love of Christ this Holiday season.


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