Main Idea

God can come to our rescue in hopeless or impossible situations when we put our faith in Him.


What is the scariest or most life-threatening situation you have ever been in?


In 1 Kings 17, we find Elijah in the midst of an impossible situation. Read the passage and do a character investigation of Elijah. Read 1 Kings 17:1-24 and discuss: how do you see the following qualities in his life?

· Calmness and contentment

· Gentleness and self-control

· Undiminished faith

· Humility

Which of these qualities have you struggled with in difficult times in your life? Can you share an example?

In John 14, God promises to give us the Holy Spirit to help us and give us the power to obey God even in impossible situations. Have some read John 14:15-17 and discuss:

· How do you think you could turn to God more quickly with problems in your life?

· What is an impossible or difficult situation you need to God’s help within your life right now?


Share one step of faith you believe God is asking to take to trust and obey Him with something difficult in your life.

Spend some time praying that you would trust God and depend on His presence more fully in your life.


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