Main Idea

God can form our lives significantly through seasons of disorientation and isolation.


In your life, what is the most difficult thing you have ever trained for? What did you learn about yourself?


In 1 Kings 17:1-7, God tells Elijah there will be a famine in the land. Then, He tells him to go into hiding where he has to learn some tough lessons alone. Read the story together and discuss:

How does this moment in Elijah’s life illustrate two key truths when we experience isolation or disorientation?

1. God wants to protect us from something.

2. God wants to teach us something.

To what extent has COVID been a disorienting or isolating experience for you?

         1 (COVID life is the best)—————————————–10 (COVID life is driving me nuts)

What is a lesson about God or yourself you have been learning during this season?

Have someone take turns reading the following passages: Isaiah 49:4-16 and Matthew 6:25:34. Discuss:

· What is a promise in these Scriptures that encourages you?

· What is a way you could trust God with an anxiety or worry you have in your life right now?


Share one way you need God to bring wisdom or a deeper sense of peace into your life right now. Spend some time praying together about what everyone shares.

Challenge of the week: Take some time to get alone with God and praying about what God is teaching you about trusting Him. Spend some time writing in a journal or sharing with a friend what God puts on your heart.

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