As you work through this study please realize some information shared by people in your group may be sensitive and private. Make a commitment, if you haven’t done so already, to keeping the environment safe. Honor what others share, listen without judgment and maintain confidentiality. The series may help you discover areas of opportunity in your relationships. If you choose to share, keep the goal of healing and reconciliation as your reason.

**Couples/coed groups may want to break into separate discussion groups for men and women to go through the questions this week. It isn’t required but it may help sharing to be more open and authentic.

Main Idea
In order to experience the family as God intended for it to be experienced, we have to learn to safeguard our hearts, minds and families from the dangers of temptation. This week, we will unpack five common temptations that men in our society face.

What stood out to you from the message this week? How were you encouraged or discouraged by the message?

When you look back on your life (or role as a dad) what do you want your legacy to be? How are your day-to-day activities and interactions either contributing to or detracting from that legacy?

How are you assisting or detracting from the legacy your husband will leave with your children? How do your interactions with your spouse and children demonstrate respect and honor towards your husband?

What does the Bible say?
Read James 1:13-18
Read 1 Peter 5:8-10

According to 1 Peter, how should we respond to the threat of temptation?

Remember, temptation itself is not wrong (Jesus himself was tempted. Matthew 4:1-11, Hebrews 4:15). We will be held accountable to our response to the temptation. How did Job respond when he was tempted? (Job 1:20-22, 2:9-11)

How do you usually respond when you are facing temptation? Has your relationship with Christ changed your response to temptation?

According to James 1:13-15, every one of us, both men and women alike face temptation in our day-to-day lives.

Read 1 Corinthians 10:11-13.

What warning do you read in these verses? What does God promise in regards to temptation?

Mike shared that men today face (at least) five temptations regularly:
To pursue material possessions
To give the best of themselves to their careers and give family the leftovers
To talk more than they listen
To have an affair (physical or emotional)
To underestimate the importance of cultivating their families spiritual appetite

The message this week focused on you, (the ladies will have their turn next week), and so these questions are just for you:
Which of the above do you feel most challenged by today? Why is this a struggle for you?

What would be the most appropriate response you can take TODAY to begin to safeguard your heart in this area?
One of the biggest challenges for men is to take the lead spiritually in our relationships with spouses, children, significant others, etc., yet it is a clear call for men in the home. Where in your life are you taking a back seat spiritually and letting another lead in your place? What is keeping you from leading in that relationship?

Read Deuteronomy 6:1-9.

Every area of life offers the opportunity to share spiritual truth with our children. What is one thing you can do differently this week with your children to create a thirst for God in their lives?

The more you can understand the temptations men face, the better you will be able to encourage them as they strive to be more like Christ. Why do you think these areas are struggles for men in our culture?

As women generally, and in your specific relationships, how do you contribute to these issues? How can you find ways to encourage and honor rather than detract/enable, etc?

How does understanding some of the temptations that men face daily affect the way you will interact with them? What is one thing you can start doing today to help a man in your life safeguard against temptation?

Men have been called by God to take the lead spiritually in our families. That can be hard for some women to submit to and support.
How is your attitude towards the idea of the husband as the spiritual leader of the home? If it is a challenge for you, what might be the reason for that? What steps can you begin to take to affirm your spouse as the spiritual leader?

Live Obediently
Pray for God to show you the “way out” from whatever temptation you find you have the hardest time with. What safeguards can you place around your life and daily routine to help you to combat this area of temptation? Have someone of the same gender in your small group hold you accountable to putting these safeguards in place and sticking to them. Pray for each other.

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