Week One: Fear of Rejection 

Main Idea:

When you’re free of your fear, it’ll stop costing you things like your peace of mind, confidence and sense of security.


What you were afraid of as a child (monsters under your bed, the boogey man, etc.)?


Share a time in your life when you were picked last, or simply weren’t chosen at all. It could have been a leadership role at work or church, an invitation to someone’s party, or even during recess at school. How did you feel about being overlooked? How did you respond?


Luke 19:1-10

What does this story reveal about who Jesus is when he engages Zacchaeus? Share some specific things Jesus does to show love and acceptance towards him.

How do you think you could show more grace to those who are hard to love in your life?

Zacchaeus took some big risks by climbing that tree. Once he took the first step, he was exposed; he could no longer hide who he truly was. What is an area of your life where you need to show a “Zacchaeus like” courage to come toward Jesus rather hiding behind the fear of rejection?

Group Exercise:

Take some time now to go around the room and build one another up. Look at the person to your right and share some things that you appreciate about them. How do they add value to the group?


What step could you take this week to overcome the fear of rejection in a relationship or show someone love who doesn’t “deserve” it?

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