Week Three: Commitment

Main Idea:

We’re all afraid of commitment, but Jesus calls us to make Him our biggest commitment.


How do you typically avoid saying yes to a commitment someone asks of you (“I’ll pray about it,” “Let me check my calendar,” etc.)? When’s was the last time you did this?


How would you describe yourself in terms of your ability to commit? Do you tend to fear and avoid commitment? Do you tend to jump in and over-commit? Are you somewhere in between?

What’s an example of a big commitment you’ve made in your life? How were you able to make that commitment? What was the process like? For example, did it take a long time? Did you go back and forth for a while? What did you have to do in order to feel confident making that commitment?


Mark 10:17-30

Jesus knew that the rich man valued his wealth more than he valued following God, so Jesus asked the rich man to give it all away. What’s one thing in your life that, if Jesus asked you to give it up, you’d have a really difficult time letting it go?

Jesus promises incredible rewards, both in this life and in the life to come, to anyone who follows Him. But He also says that we’ll experience challenges as a result of following Him. What fears or concerns do you have about the cost vs. reward of choosing to follow Jesus in every area of your life?


We were all challenged to commit one year to following Jesus by:

  • Attending worship services
  • Going through Hope’s Discovery class
  • Joining a serve team
  • Connecting in a small group

What next step do you need to take to fulfill this year-long commitment?

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