Begin with prayer:
Fill out 3×5 cards or small sheets of paper with prayer requests for small group members, neighbors, family members or others impacted by the hurricane. Take some time to pray for these needs as a group. Then pass out the cards to everyone so that your group can continue praying for these requests this week.

What does the Bible say?
Read Psalm 34 and Isaiah 43:1-7.

What do these passages tell us about God as a comforter and a rescuer? Share an experience of when you have felt this kind of love from God or from God’s people?

Put it into action:
Check out for ways to serve the local and surrounding communities that have been most affected by the storm. We are also partnering with Catalyst Church in Jacksonville, NC to help with efforts there.

What are one or two ways that your group can contribute to the relief efforts? Make a plan for something you can do as a group this week.

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