Ice Breaker (optional – choose one below)

  • Would you rather go to your own High School reunion or go as a guest to a friend’s reunion?
  • Zacchaeus had to climb a tree to see Jesus. What is the highest thing you have ever climbed without falling?

Main Idea

In the recent Battle Tested series, we learned that Satan works to deceive us so that he can steal, kill, and destroy our lives in the hope we will enslave ourselves to sin. This weekend, we kicked off a new series called “Free to Be Me.” This week we learned the foundation to finding freedom begins when we see ourselves as God sees us.


What stood out to you from this weekend’s message?


What things get in the way of people being able to experience the freedom to be themselves?


When in your life did you feel the most free to be yourself? What do you think enabled you to live that way? If that doesn’t describe your life now, what has changed?


What does the Bible say?

Read John 8:31-36


  • Jesus said to really be His disciples; we must “hold to” His teachings. How do we “hold to” Jesus’ teachings?


  • What did Jesus say would be the result of doing this? Do you remember a time when you saw this happen in your life or someone else’s? If so, share.


Read Luke 19:1-10


  • How did salvation come to Zacchaeus’ house? Why does Jesus call him a son of Abraham?
  • What was the turning point for Zacchaeus?
  • From the start of this story, Jesus miraculously knew Zacchaeus’ name. What does this tell you about God’s view of us? Why is this important?


Apply the Message

Like Zacchaeus, all of us need to find our identity in Jesus if we are ever to be free to follow Him. Jesus’ interaction with Zacchaeus shows us these truths:


  • We are KNOWN and CHOSEN by God
  • We are FORGIVEN by God in Christ

How does understanding God’s forgiveness help us have true identity in Christ?


How does this change the way you view yourself? Other people?


After Easter, we will be launching a new sermon series in partnership with more than 30 other churches around the Triangle called Explore God. You can play a part in bringing this to life. To learn more, check out the link below.


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