Main Idea

The greatest way to finish strong is to invite others into the greatest gift ever given.


What is a challenge in your life you have had to persevere through or overcome to accomplish something significant?   What helped you to persevere?


Describe a time when you have struggled or failed to finish something difficult?  What did you learn about yourself from that experience?

Has failure or struggle been more of a catalyst for growth or shame in your life?  Why?


Read 2 Timothy 4:6-8 and share one way this passage encourages or challenges you to persevere in this difficult season of life.

  • How do you think you can embrace difficult things as an opportunity for growth more in your life?

Read the four guidelines this passage gives us to finish strong:

  1. Do a reality check and work through hard things (rather than avoid difficult things)
  2. Make a commitment to finish what you start (rather than give up)
  3. Focus on the future of heaven (rather than think my mess is the end of the story)
  4. You are not alone in your struggle (rather than think you are the only one)
  • Which one of the guidelines resonates most and least with you right now?  Why?


Share one step of faith of you can take to face or overcome something difficult in your life right now.  How can we support and pray for you?

Before you leave, spend 5-10 minutes evaluating your group.  Have everyone share one thing about this group you are grateful for, discuss any practical adjustments you need to make (time, format, etc), and how you think God wants your group to grow.

Spend some time praying for each other to persevere and experience the peace and joy of Jesus.


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