Main Idea

Even though there are a lot of myths about hell, Jesus teaches it is a real place that God doesn’t want anyone to end up in.


In what ways have you seen hell depicted in popular books or film? What effect did these depictions have on you?


If you grew up with a church background, how was hell talked about in your church setting? If not, what did you grow up learning about an afterlife?

In this message we addressed 4 common myths about hell.  Have any of these myths influenced your thinking about hell?

1. Hell is just something ministers use to scare people. There is nothing after death.

2. If I go to hell, I’ll be there with my friends.

3. Hell will be a relief compared to the suffering I’ve endured on earth.

4. After I’ve served my time in hell, somebody will pray me out.


Read Luke 16:24-31 and discuss:

Upon realizing his fate, the rich man wanted someone to return to his living friends and encourage them to repent before it was too late. How does this vision of hell affect the way you think about your life choices today?

Read Matthew 9:35-38 and discuss:

The reality of eternity should motivate us to share our faith with others, but fear is not a very good

motivator.  When Jesus saw our broken world, He was moved with compassion and called us to pray.  How can the reality of eternity shape the way you care for and pray for others in your life that don’t know Jesus yet?


Upon reaching heaven, who is someone you’d be sad to be separated from, if you found them across the “great chasm” in hell? What could you do this week to help them take a step towards eternal life with Jesus?   Spend some time praying for the people you shared about.

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