Main Idea

The Bible helps us see that heaven will be awesome and believers in Christ are called to help people find the Way there.


Have you started the Own Your Street in prayer walk?  If so, how is praying more intentionally for your family, friends, and neighbors impacting you?  If you haven’t started, you can still sign up


What did you learn about heaven (and life after death in general) from your family growing up?

What is one myth you have believed about heaven that is not in the Bible or one question you have about heaven?

  • If it is helpful to read the 10 Biblical truths about heaven from the message first, you can find the bullet points on the PDF linked at the bottom of the page. Take turns reading them together.


Read John 14:1-6 and discuss:

  • What do you notice about what this passage says about God and what He wants for us?
  • How convinced are you that you will go to heaven after you die? Why?


1 __________________________________ 5 ___________________________________ 10

Not sure                                                                         I hope so                                                Looking forward to it

Read Matthew 7:21-23 and discuss:

  • How have you experienced the difference between knowing about Jesus and knowing Jesus personally?
  • How could the reality of heaven motivate you to know Jesus more and help others know Him too?


What is one way the reality of heaven can have a greater impact on the way you live?

Take a moment and write down (or think about) the names of some people in your life who you are not sure have accepted Jesus.  Spend some time praying for each other and those names together to experience the power of the Gospel.


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