Main Idea

Acceptance is the ability to receive another person without inner restrictions or outward requirements. 


Describe a time you got accepted into or were invited to join something you really wanted, like a school, team, group or program. What was that experience like for you?


Most of us don’t choose our friends. We simply gravitate toward environments of acceptance, and we find friends there. What environments of acceptance or rejection have you encountered in your life as you have sought friendship?

What characteristics about others make it hard for you to accept them? These could be inward traits like race, nationality, gender, political or religious beliefs, socioeconomic status, etc. Or they could be outward actions like addictions, clothing style, bad driving, lifestyle choices, social media presence, etc.


Read Romans 15:5-7

Our acceptance of others is based on Christ’s acceptance of us. In what ways have you felt accepted by Jesus?


You will never influence anyone who doesn’t feel accepted by you. Who’s someone you need to focus on building a bridge with, so that you might be able to influence them later? What step can you take this week toward building that bridge?

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