Main Idea
As Christ followers, we must not only share the life-changing message of Jesus, but also live it out through acts of compassion.

What’s a recent TV commercial or social media post that moved you towards compassion?

Share a real-life example when you were overwhelmed by God’s compassion towards you? What effect did God’s kindness and compassion have on you in that situation?

Most of us experience feelings of compassion when we see injustices around us, but few of us are moved to action. What hurdles or obstacles seem to keep you from consistently acting on your compassion for others?

What does the Bible say?
Read Matthew 22:34-40.

Jesus’s command is to love your neighbor as yourself. What are some things you do for yourself that you could consider doing for those who are most in need?

Apply the message
What is an action step you can take to help you develop a habit of showing compassion to those who are hurting and broken?

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