Main Idea
Jesus is here for me, so that I can be there for others.

When was the last time someone did something kind and unexpected for you? How did that impact you?

All of us tend to approach relationships thinking about “what’s in it for me?” What do you hope the relationships in your life will accomplish for you?

Preferring someone means putting their needs ahead of your own, even if it comes with a cost. How have you felt preferred by another person’s sacrifice? What is something you have willingly sacrificed to show preference for someone else?

What does the Bible say?
Read Philippians 2:1-11 

In Christ we are offered encouragement, comfort, love, belonging, sympathy and affection. Which of these things do you most need to receive from Jesus in order to offer it to others?

Apply the message
Who is someone in your life that would benefit from feeling preferred? What could you do to show preference for them this week in a way that models Jesus’s love for them?


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