Main Idea
We forgive others because Jesus forgave us.

Avengers: Endgame is all the rage right now. How have you seen forgiveness displayed in blockbuster movies? What affect does it have on the characters’ relationships?

How often does the phrase “I’m sorry, will you forgive me?” show up in your household? If it’s a common thing, what do you do to make forgiveness a usual behavior?

Share a time when someone forgave you that you probably didn’t deserve their forgiveness.

What does the Bible say?
Read Matthew 5:43-44.

Describe a situation where you’ve had an “enemy” who’s been hard for you to forgive. What steps did you take in order to extend forgiveness?

Apply the message
Three steps we learned to help us move towards forgiveness this weekend include:

  • Praying for the person that hurt you
  • Forgiving because God forgave you
  • Repeating as often as necessary

Who is someone you currently need to forgive, and which step or steps do you need to take?

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