Main Idea

No matter what you’ve done, God wants to welcome you home and you will find joy when you turn towards Him.


Starter  (Read this to your group)

This week, we are going to start group a little bit differently—with a challenge we want everyone to do in their neighborhood instead of a question. The challenge is to sign up for a simple initiative called “Own Your Street” in which you will commit to doing a prayer walk on your street for 10-15 minutes one morning or evening a week.


Before talking about the message tonight, let’s take a few minutes to watch the small group video and take the challenge. Don’t worry, the public won’t be able to see your name or your address. When you sign up, your street will be added to a map anonymously on our website where you will be able to see all the streets Hope is praying for all around the Triangle. On your prayer walk, just pray for God to move in your life and in the lives of your family, friends, and neighbors as the Spirit leads.  (Watch the video).


Let’s take a minute to discuss any questions you have and sign up together.



Who is someone in your life you experience a lot of joy with? What is it about that person that brings you joy?


How would you describe the amount of joy in your home growing up? How do you think your home life impacted your relationship with God?



Have a few people take turns reading Luke 15:11-32 and discuss:

  • Which of the two brothers do you more easily identify with? How so?
  • If you trusted God was really like the Father in this story, how do you think that would impact your level of joy?
  • Describe a turning point where you repented of something in your life? How did you experience more joy turning toward Jesus rather than continuing in sin?



At the end of this series, it’s good for all of us reflect on how we would like to experience more joy in our relationship with God and what could be getting in the way of that.

  • What is one attitude or action I need to let God change in me to experience more joy?
  • What is one step I can take to bring more joy to relationships in my life?

After everyone shares, spend some time praying for each other to experience more joy.

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