Main Idea: 

There are no perfect parents. As a result, we need to depend on God, and on the community around us, to help the next generation learn to follow Jesus.


Think of a rule or boundary your parents set for you that you disliked during childhood. How did you respond?


Who made a positive difference in your life spiritually while you were growing up? How has that impacted your life?


Deuteronomy 6:1-9

In this passage, we discover that God’s plan for reaching the next generation includes all of His people and that learning about faith starts at home. God has given parents an important role in helping their kids learn to depend Him.

  • As you grew up, how did the way your parents practiced (or didn’t practice) faith affect your relationship with God?
  • If you’re a parent, how have you succeeded in setting a godly example for your kids, and where do you still have room to grow? If you aren’t a parent, where do you have the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of families or young people?
  • How could you be more intentional about building connection with God into your ordinary daily rhythm—as an individual, or as a family?


This week, what’s one step you can take to be more invested in the spiritual lives of your kids, or the spiritual lives of a family close to you?

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