Main Idea:

God created sexual intimacy as a gift for marriage, but healthy intimacy takes work.

Please Note:

We recognize intimacy can be a sensitive topic to discuss, and we’d like to offer a few ground rules to help you have a healthy discussion:

  • If you’re married, it’s important to not share anything with the group that your spouse would feel uncomfortable with.
  • If your group is co-ed, consider splitting into gender groups for most of this conversation.
  • Keep in mind, it’s more constructive to share about your own perspective and need for growth rather than what your spouse or partner could do differently.


What’s a fun hobby or activity that you enjoy doing with your spouse, or, if you aren’t married, your friends?


Do you remember having “the sex talk” with your parents? (Bonus question: On a scale of 1 to 10, how awkward was it?)


Genesis 2:21-25:

  • Based on your experience, how are emotional and physical intimacy connected? If you’re married, how could you grow in pursuing unity with your spouse?
  • If you’re single, how does God’s vision for intimacy in marriage give you hope for what it could be like if God opens that door for you in the future?
  • Which of the dynamics that lead to intimacy are you best at maintaining (commitment, quality time, patience)? Which are tough for you? If you aren’t married, which do you think you’d be best/worst at?


If you’re married, what specific step could you take to seek greater unity with your spouse? If you aren’t married, what’s a step you could take to invest in your spiritual or relational health?

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