Week Seven: Hurt to Healed 

Main Idea:

God created us for relationships. He wants them to be as healthy as possible, so we can look to Him for healing when we go through relational difficulty.


When you were growing up, do you remember a time in which you did something you later regretted because you felt jealous of someone else? If so, what did you do?


We probably all have examples of relationships falling apart, but have you had a relationship go from bad to good? If so, what did both of you have to overcome in order to restore the relationship?

What’s one thing you’ve appreciated about being part of this group during the All-Play series?


Luke 15:11-32

Which character(s) do you identify with? Why?

What does the story of the Prodigal Son show you about how God can provide hope to your relationships?

This weekend, we learned about four stages that take place in relationships, and about how those play out in the story of the Prodigal Son:

  • “Give Me” (selfish stage) – the younger son wants his inheritance, so he can be happy
  • “Allow Me” (ambition stage) – the younger son wants more, choosing goals over relationships
  • “Search Me” (owning stage) – the younger son owns his mistakes
  • “Make Me” (serving stage) – humbled, the younger son asks to be made the lowest position on his father’s estate


Think of one relationship in your life that’s hurting. Share what stage you are in with that person?

What are one or two things you could do this week with a “make me a servant” attitude to bring healing to that troubled relationship?

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