Main Idea:

Many people get married, but everyone has had the experience of singleness. Our society views singleness as a phase on the way towards fulfillment, but God’s got a bigger plan for this relational “status.”


Who is your favorite superhero and why? Have you ever noticed most superheroes are single?  Why do you think that is?


Think of a single person who you respect and admire. What is it about this person that makes them stand out?


1 Corinthians 7:6-7|1 Corinthians 7:26-35|1 Corinthians 14:33

In the first passage below, singleness is called a gift that allows people to be “free from anxieties.” Does this describe what our society thinks about singleness? How is this similar or different from the Bible’s worldview?

The end of the message invited singles to reflect on three priorities that can apply to every relationship:

  1. Rejoice: What is one way your anxiety levels could change if you trusted God was committed to meeting all of your needs?
  2. Refocus: How can the people around us (even godly people!) distract us from our relationship with God?
  3. Relax:If God’s got your relational future (spouse, friends, co-workers, etc.) in His hands, how does that free you to relax?


This week, God is inviting all of us to grow in our relationship with Him. What’s a next step you could take to lean into what we learned this week (Rejoice, Refocus, Relax) as you give God a bigger priority within your relationships?

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