Main Idea:
An easy life isn’t an option, an easy yoke is.

What is the most restful OR least restful vacation you ever had?

Are you getting more rest than before the quarantine? How do you know when you are not getting enough rest?

What do you often do to protect yourself from overworking and burnout?

Matthew 11:28-30
What do Jesus’ words in this passage mean to you?

This week, we learned a new way to think about rest through an acrostic:

  • Routine – good habits that keep you from burnout
  • Encouragement – uplifting others instead of focusing on yourself
  • Silence/Solitude – intentional focus time to pray and listen to God
  • Time – doing the things that matter most

Which of these areas do you struggle to trust God with?

What can you do to trust more this week with the load you are carrying in your life?

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