Main Idea
Conflict is going to happen. Let’s deal with it in a healthy and loving way.


We all get into stupid fights. Describe a conflict where you were totally wrong and own it! =)

Read and apply
Acts 13-15

Paul and Barnabas were friends and loved Jesus – but still had conflict. Do you tend to have more conflict with those close to you or others? Which is easier to resolve? Why?

Ephesians 4

Ephesians 4 gives us “Four T’s” to handle conflict (Speak Truth, Tenderly, Timely and Tactfully). How are you doing in these areas? Which one should be on your prayer list?

Philippians 2:3-4

Share a time where you let somebody else choose on a decision that was very important to you. Did God help you grow in some way by valuing the “interests of others?”

This week’s homework

Is there someone in your life where you have unresolved conflict? Pray and then reach out. See what God may do.

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Personal Reflection

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