Watch video Ice Breaker
What is the most encouraging / inspiring act of kindness you have seen recently?

Main Idea
Goodness and kindness go hand in hand. Goodness describes character (who we are) and kindness is best defined as compassion in action (what good people do.) Authentic goodness and kindness are produced in our character through the work of the Holy Spirit. We can’t manufacture it ourselves. The best test of our goodness and kindness is how it is experienced by those closest to us.

This week Mike shared four aspects of goodness and kindness we see in God – aspects God would like to produce in us.

• Understanding – Hebrews 4:15
• Honesty – Ephesians 4:15
• Forgiveness – Romans 3:23-24
• Affirmation – Romans 15:7-8

How have you experienced God’s goodness and kindness? Which aspect are you most grateful for right now? Why?

Share a time you experienced kindness from another person you have never forgotten. What made it so memorable?

Why are goodness and kindness so powerful and memorable when we experience them?

What does the Bible say?
Read Ephesians 4:17-32

What are the characteristics of the “old self?” What causes people to live this way? What are the consequences of continuing to live according to the old self?

How can we “put off” the old self and “put on” the new self? (i.e. goodness and kindness)

What is one area of goodness and kindness you would like to grow in? What do you need to “put off” to be able to live differently?

Live Obediently
Goodness and kindness are nearly impossible to fake. When we try to manufacture it on our own, people can tell immediately it isn’t authentic. Instead of trying to make ourselves good and kind on our own, we need to let God produce goodness and kindness through us.

• Spend time in prayer this week. Ask God to show you areas in your life where you need to grow in goodness and kindness.
• Identify those people who are close to you that need to experience kindness from you. Write their names down and pray for them each day this week. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you to show them kindness in a way they will remember.

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