Main Idea
When our plans don’t go how we expect, God gives us the opportunity to learn and grow in ways we could never have controlled.

Have you ever had your vacation plans spoiled by bad weather? Describe how you felt and what emotions you experienced.

Share a time where a situation happened that made you feel like life was spinning out of control and you tried to fix things your own way.

What does the Bible say?
2 Samuel 15:25-26 David knew one thing for sure, that he was not turning his back on God, he wasn’t losing hope, and he was not going to give up on God.

When your plans don’t go “your way,” how does your faith make a difference in your life?

What are some lessons God has taught when things in your life don’t go the way you planned?

Apply the message
What is one area of your life you could give up control and trust God’s faithfulness?

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