Main Idea:

The more obedient we are in our relationship with God, the freer we will be.


What is the most memorable toy you ever received as a child?


How do you feel about the word “obedience”? Would people who know you well describe you as an obedient, self-controlled person?

What makes it hard to obey the authorities in your life?


2 Samuel 6:1-15

When we’re obedient to God, we are free. When we’re disobedient to God, we’re in bondage.

  • How does this passage show these principles?
  • When have you personally felt joy and freedom as a result of obedience to God?
  • When have you experienced bondage or a lack of joy as a result of disobedience?


How could you be more obedient to God this week? How could this group help you?

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