Main Idea
When a prodigal comes home, his/her world and the world of those around the prodigal becomes the best world possible.

Why do we have a love/hate relationship family reunions?

Share a time that you were treated better than expected. What were the circumstances and how did you respond?

What does the Bible say?
Luke 15:16-22

If the prodigal had known how his father would respond when he returned, how do you think that would change the story?

This week we focused on three ways the father responded to his son, evidenced by three symbolic gifts that our heavenly Father still gives today. As a group, make a list of reasons people might not want these gifts today:

    • The robe represents a father’s desire to cover the brokenness and mistakes in the prodigal’s life
    • The ring represents a father’s authority shared with his son
    • The shoes represent that a former slave became a free man when he lived as a son

Apply the message
How does fully embracing each gift impact your life?

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