Main Idea
When you’re down and out because you have “gone prodigal,” God will always give you an opportunity to make a comeback. Because of His incredible love for you, He can always use these setbacks to fulfill His divine purpose in your life.

Do you remember a time as a child when you got lost or separated from you parents? Describe how it made you feel and how you found your way back to them.


Share about a time when someone showed extreme forgiveness towards you, even though you didn’t deserve it. What did you learn from their example?

What does the Bible say?
Read Luke 15:18-20

In the message we were reminded that if we are to find our way back home to the Father and stay there, we must be vigilant to identify and deal with vulnerabilities connected to secrets, sins or shame. Which one of these, from your past or present do you identify with most? Why has this been the most difficult one to reconcile?

Apply the message

Are you in a season where you’re the prodigal trying to find your way home to their father or are you the one who is learning how to stay home after returning? What steps will you put in place this week to ensure that this happens?

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