Hey Hope! There’s a new area pastor on the team and we’d love for you to meet him. Kevin Stewart and his wife, Amy, began attending Hope in May of 2009. By 2013, Kevin had been hired as student ministry small groups director under Kerry Ray.  He’s now transitioned to North Raleigh area pastor, helping grow adult small groups and reports to Andrew Yates.

Hope — meet Kevin.

Name: Kevin Stewart

Family:  Wife-Amy, two daughters – Ansley (5) & Reagan (3), son – Palmer (1)

Span of Care: North Raleigh (east of Hwy 70 and west of Hwy 64)

How did you become a Christian? I was in sixth grade while sitting in the principal’s office for not following the dress code at the Christian school I attended.  From there I was able to grow in my relationship with Christ while continuing to learn what it means to follow Jesus.

Favorite Quote: “People will belong, before they believe.”

“Life is not a vacation but one worth living.” – Alex & Brett Harris

What is something most people don’t know about you? I secretly had a job as a stock boy for Limited Brands Co. (aka, Bath & Body works) during one of my college Christmas breaks.

What are some of the ways you paid the bills before you came to Hope? I have been in ministry for 12 years but during my college years I was a personal trainer at the YMCA and Gold’s Gym.

What hobbies do you enjoy? Golf, wood working/building, and digging around in some dirt to see if I can get something to grow…

Why are you a pastor? Someone’s got to do it…God called me into the ministry my junior year of high school and I could not outrun the calling!

What is your favorite thing about your job? Meeting and connecting others to become the Church.

Cat or Dog person? “Cats are the devil” – so I’ve been told. Although I did have a cat growing up.  His name was Niko and I shared my pop-tart and chocolate milk with him at the bus stop.

Welcome to the team, Kevin!


  1. July 30, 2015

    no WONDER you smell so great! The office has never smelt better (no offence Aaron!)

  2. July 31, 2015

    way to go Kevin always liked you congrats

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