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Message Notes

That’s the Move – Week 4

Duane Calvin – Raleigh Campus Pastor


Acts 17 (NIV) – Moving the Mission of God from the Church to the Culture

“Christ is the message of the mission; and we (the church) are responsible for the mission.”

Acts 17:16-23 (NIV)


Meet the culture where they are.  

Acts 17:24-28 (NIV)


Engage the culture by pointing to God.

Engagement is living in relationship with, connecting to, and speaking with people to influence the world around us for God’s glory and for humankind’s good.

Acts 17:29-31 (NIV)


Speak Jesus.

Share that Jesus wants all people to turn away from their sins and towards him,  speak of the power of the resurrection of Jesus, speak of the judgement that God will bring, and that this justice will come from the man that God has appointed Jesus.

Acts 17:32-34 (NIV)


Paul had three distinct responses rejection, reluctance, and reception.


Speak Jesus and lives are changed.

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