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House of Cards, Week Two:

There’s nothing better than being able to relax in your home without any conflict; there’s nothing more miserable than a home that’s full of turmoil

Four stages of marriage:

  • The “Smitten” Stage
  • The “Oh No!” Stage
  • The “How Did We Get Here?” Stage
  • The “What Do We Do Now?” Stage

You begin to consider your options:

  • Option one: “I’ll grin and bear it”
  • Option two: “I’ll separate”
  • Option three: “I’ll divorce”
  • Option four: “I’ll work until we get it right”

Five ways to, not only survive, but transform a marriage:

  • Accept responsibility for your part of the marriage mess
    • You have no control over your spouse’s behavior and attitude, but you have total control over yours
  • Believe that your marriage can change
    • God’s power is unlimited, and anything is possible with Him (Jeremiah 32:17, Jeremiah 32:27, Luke 18:27)
  • Commit to doing whatever it takes (Galatians 6:9)
    • Now, I know what some of you are thinking: “I don’t feel like working on it anymore.” What do you do from here?
      • You pray and obey
      • Keep in mind: It’s much easier to act your way into a feeling, than it is to feel your way into an action
  • Deal with unresolved hurt
  • Enlist support from others

Parting Question: What’s the first thing you’re going to do when you leave today?

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