Main Idea

This week, we took a break from our series “Multiply” and instead, were challenged to be the Church rather than go to church. If we’re going to love our neighbors – we must know who they are and spend time with them! This week’s curriculum will focus on the relational capital God has given us.


What did our actions as a Church this week communicate to the Triangle? Did you feel excited or apprehensive about this? Why?

What similarities are there between managing our time and managing our finances?

What does the Bible say?

Read Matthew 22:34-40

  • What was the Pharisee’s question and how would you have answered him?
  • How much does Jesus value our neighbors?
  • How much does our culture value neighbors?


Apply the Message, Own the Mission

This past year, God has used a book called The Art of Neighboring to help many of us at Hope grow in our love for our neighbors. We’re taking a page from that resource to challenge all of us! (FYI, if you like this week’s exercise, has a free six-week small group study and other resources to help us love our neighbors where they are!)

This week, give everyone in the group a blank sheet of paper and follow these instructions:

  1. Let everyone draw a large “tic-tac-toe” grid that fills up the sheet (or download a free template here to print off). For each person, this grid represents their neighborhood or apartment with their home in the center square and the eight closest homes or apartments surrounding them.
  2. Take a minute to imagine what home/apartment would best fit into each square.
  3. Then, write down three items for each square:
    1. A person’s name who lives in that square
    2. Something “surface level” (think small-talk) about someone who lives in that square
    3. Something personal about someone who lives in that square
  4. Share with the group!

How did you do? Was anyone able to fill in something for each square? (FYI- only about 10% of people can fill in names for every square, 3% can fill in line b, and less than 1% of people can fill in all three lines for the 8 people closest to them!)

Take a step back and consider what this means. How are we doing with our “relational” budget?

As a group, make a commitment for everyone to fill in one more name this week. Take this sheet home and put it on your refrigerator or mirror as a reminder.

Download this study as a PDF

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