*Leaders: Many societies in the Western world expect their members to be self-sufficient/self-made and we can expect much of the Triangle to have this world-view as well. As we love each other where we are and encourage each other to grow in our relationship with Jesus Christ, feel free to alleviate any anxiety in talking about money by sharing some ground rules with the group:

  1. We’re looking at God’s principles, not each other’s bank statements. No one should ever feel pressured to share more than they are comfortable with and no one will be expected to share details about their finances.
  2. We can be lost with a little bit of money – and we can be lost with a whole lot of money. No one in this group is in the exact same place financially (or in any other part of our lives) and that’s ok! No matter where each person is, we’re all here to help each other grow in our relationship with Jesus.
  3. God doesn’t want our finances, God want’s our heart. The one time Jesus asked for money (specifically one coin) he wasn’t trying to get people’s money, he was trying to keep people’s money from getting them! A bank account that is growing more healthy is great, but a growing relationship with Jesus is invaluable.

Ice Breaker (optional – choose one below)

  • Who in your group lives the most like a spartan?
  • Let everyone in the group name something that is good. [Wait for everyone to share one thing] Then, share what it would take to have too much of that thing!

Main Idea

There are some things in this world we can’t change, no matter how hard we try. Rules like 6+6=12. Pretty simple and straightforward right!? But, when God’s at work, simple addition can become multiplication. Join us as we explore the power of generosity during our series “Multiply.”


What stood out to you from this weekend’s message?


How did the songs we sang this weekend relate to the message we heard? (Look no further & King of my Heart)


It is true that “You can’t serve God and your stuff?”


This weekend’s message would have been quite a shock for someone who had never looked at the world from a Christian perspective. Why do you think this week’s theme will never appear in advertising, dinner parties or on Netflix?


What does the Bible say?

Read Luke 12:13-21

  • Jesus tells those with him to be careful to recognize a specific desire when it appears. What is it and why do you think it is so easy to miss?


  • How does Jesus first describe the main character of this parable? How does that affect the entire story?


  • If this were a parable about you, what would you hope to do differently?


Apply the Message, Own the Mission

The challenge “rich” people face (whoever they are!) is when even more resources come in, it can be hard to recognize how lifestyle expenses increase as income increases. According to Jesus, our lifestyle should be impacted by our generosity instead of controlling our generosity; that’s why the bible teaches percentage giving.

This week, calculate the percentage of your monthly take-home income (in other words, your ‘stuff’). DO NOT SHARE YOUR PERCENTAGE WITH THE GROUP! Does your giving accurately reflect where your heart is?

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