*Leaders: Many societies in the Western world expect their members to be self-sufficient/self-made and we can expect much of the Triangle to have this world-view as well. As we love and encourage each other where we are and to grow in our relationship with Jesus Christ, feel free to alleviate any anxiety in talking about money by sharing some ground rules with the group.

  1. We’re looking at God’s principles, not each other’s bank statements.No one should ever feel pressured to share more than they are comfortable with and no one will be expected to share details about their finances.
  2. We can be lost with a little bit of money – and we can be lost with a whole lot of money.No one in this group is in the exact same place financially (or in any other part of our lives) and that’s ok! No matter where each person is, we’re all here to help each other grow in our relationship with Jesus Christ.
  3. God doesn’t want our finances, God want’s our heart. The one time Jesus asked for money (specifically onecoin) he wasn’t trying to get people’s money, He was trying to keep people’s money from getting them! A bank account that is growing is great, but a growing relationship with Jesus Christ is invaluable.

Ice Breaker (optional – choose one below)

  • Share a time when you traded something you had with someone and wound up with something better.
  • What is the tool you use most often around your house?
  • Who is the “budget person” in your family?

Main Idea      

If we can see our stuff the way God sees our stuff, then we can begin to understand what God has called us to do with our stuff.

What stood out to you from this weekend’s message?

Mike shared this week that the way we handle our finances can be an act of worship. How would your budgeting change if you approached it as an act of worship?

How has this series helped you see some of the eternal consequences of how you spend your money?

What does the Bible say?

Read Luke 16:1-9

  • What is the difference between being a manager and being an owner? What responsibilities are the same? What are different?
  • How does Jesus say our situation is like that of the dishonest manager?
  • Knowing that you only have a little bit of time and a little bit of opportunity to utilize what God has given you, how could you be using it differently?

Apply the Message, Own the Mission

Last week, Mike challenged us to record every penny we spend for eight weeks. (Because if you are lost, you need to know where you are before you know how to get to where you want to go!)

  • What has your experience been writing down everything you have spent for a week? Has this been easier or more challenging than you thought? Why?
  • We learned this week that God sees money as both a tool and a test. On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate yourself on how you use money from God’s perspective?
  • Based on what you have learned this week and from tracking your spending, what is one thing you would like to change about how you use your money starting tomorrow?

Tweet this: When we see how God sees, we are more inclined to do as God says. #Multiply @get_hope

Tweet this: We should ask, “How can I use the treasure God has entrusted to me to influence people for God’s Kingdom?” #Multiply @get_hope

Tweet this: No matter how much we amass in this life, it’s only a little from God’s perspective #Multiply @get_hope

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