We’re so excited you’ve decided to put your trust in Jesus! That’s amazing!! This is a new beginning for you, and there’s a good chance you’re thinking, “What now?” Well…we’re here for you.

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Even though we are in a season of social distancing, we don’t have to walk the journey alone.  If you are looking for community, we want to help you find others to connect intentionally with.  Click here to discover ways to overcome isolation and find community.

Find a Small Group:  Find people to connect with that live near you.

Take the Growth Partner Challenge:  Find a few friends to read the Book of John and encourage each other for 30 days. Sign up HERE.

Connect with Men of Hope (Tuesday nights at 7 p.m.) and Women of Hope (Wednesday night at 8 p.m.) Facebook Pages:  Weekly Corona File Interviews to support you at home.  

If you’re interested in exploring Christian faith, have questions or just want to learn more, then our Starting Point class is for you. It’s a four-week class (with the option for an additional four) in which you’ll be able to engage in a conversation about faith, the message of Jesus and explore answers to the most important questions in life in a safe and welcoming environment.