Main Idea
When tempted to take a shortcut, we trust God enough to do the right thing the right way. 


What does your dream vacation look like? Where would you go and what would you do?


What are some things you do that help you personally draw near to God?

How can those things be used to strengthen your faith when you begin to question what you see God doing (or not doing) in your current circumstances?


Read Luke 4:9-12

Satan gives Jesus a powerful temptation by suggesting to Jesus that He wouldn’t experience the pain and agony of the cross if He would just jump off the highest wall of the temple and have angels catch Him, to prove to everyone below that He was the Messiah. Simply put, he gave Him an easy way out.


Where do we test God because our current circumstances are making it difficult for us to trust that He will help us through to the other side (ex. job, finances, marriage, relationship, children, etc.)?


Where are you being tempted to give your time, thoughts and energy lately? Are you relying on those things more than Jesus? How can you begin to live differently?

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