Main Idea
There’s nothing more powerful than God’s people working together guided by His Word. Unity nurtured in this kind of environment makes anything possible.  


Describe a situation in which you had no clue what was going on, so you made things up as you went along to avoid looking foolish.


When have you been in a situation where you were at a loss — either in disagreement or misunderstanding — what was the great contributing factor(s) to your confusion?  

Describe a time where you were able to relate, follow or work for someone with whom you didn’t see eye to eye with. What led you to be able to “put differences aside” and work towards your goal?  


What does the Bible say?
Read Joshua 1:1-18  

Through the leadership of Moses and Joshua, God prepares the Israelite people to enter the Promised Land. What keys to success do you observe?

Where have you experienced the benefits of these same keys to success in your life?


Apply the message
Unity is hard work — supernatural even. God invites us to pursue this unity by understanding others, forgiving others and praying for others. How will you take one of these steps to grow in unity in this week?

To explore more of the book of Joshua, check this out! 


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