Main Idea
We will never take the risk to do great things, until we believe that one person can make a difference.

Share a story of a personal hero of yours who stood for something they believed in, despite hardship or opposition.

Were you raised with more of a “You can make a difference!” mindset, or more of a “Your voice won’t matter, so don’t speak up,” mentality? How has that played out in your life?

Taking a risk like Esther did required a great amount of courage. How have you seen your faith in Jesus be a source of courage in your life?

Read Esther 4:16

Esther knew her decision to speak to the king was a big risk, with the consequences maybe even including her life. What kinds of consequences do you most fear, that hold you back from taking risks?

Read Esther 5:1-8 and 7:1-6

Esther’s strategy of taking a stand for her people was much more calculated than simply walking into the throne room and demanding what she wanted. In today’s world, our way of standing for what we believe in often involves shouting our opinions on social media. What wisdom can we learn from Esther about how best to persuade others in the way we take a stand?

If you could pick one issue or situation where you’d be assured that if you spoke up, things would change for the better, what would you choose to speak up about? What’s one step you could take to move towards actually speaking up?

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