Main Idea
The careful study of Scripture will change your life and clarify its objective.

What’s the worst time you can remember being grounded or having a tough punishment?

After God was punished His people, the Israelites, with 70 years in exile for extreme disobedience, He began to send them home as He promised. Ezra the Prophet was someone who was known for his understanding of scriptures, so the people looked to his leadership to bring them back to the Lord they had forgotten. Who is someone you know personally that you look to for spiritual understanding when you lose your way or need wisdom?

How have you used the Bible to help anyone recently in their understanding of God?  What was the outcome?

Ezra 7:6-10, Nehemiah 8:5-8

God’s hand was on Ezra because he:

  • Studied scriptures repeatedly to understand.
  • Taught and explained what it meant to those who didn’t understand.
  • Observed and obeyed what it instructed.

As followers of Jesus, we can all do these things for the benefit of each other and for those who do not yet follow Jesus.  Have any of those areas been very difficult for you?  What would help?

Individual – What will you do this week that is an intentional step into one of those areas?

Group – The Christian faith is not meant to be lived alone, and we are all capable of helping one another grow. In what way can your group help one another in their spiritual growth?

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