Ice Breaker (optional – choose one below)

  • What do you typically do to celebrate the 4th of July? How much of your celebration actually helps you be mindful of freedom?
  • What’s your favorite movie about the book of Exodus: Ten Commandments, Prince of Egypt, or Exodus: Gods and Kings?

Main Idea

Exodus is a book about freedom.


Why do you think God would include a book about freedom in the Bible? What does this tell us about His character?

Moses is the main human figure in the Exodus story, but most of it doesn’t take place until Moses is in his eighties. What can Moses’s story help us understand about how and when God will use us for His purposes in this life?

What does the Bible say?

Read Exodus 3:7-11

What was Moses’s response to God’s desire to use him to free the Israelites? How have you responded similarly to the possibility of God using you in other’s lives?

Read Exodus 5:4-9

What kind of results did Moses initially get when he set out to do God’s work? How can this help us understand what it looks like to follow God’s direction?

Read Exodus 16:2-3

How did the Israelites respond to their newfound freedom? How have you responded similarly to God’s work in your life?

Apply the Message

Unless God intervenes, we don’t know freedom.

  • Real freedom is a direct result of God’s intervention in our lives. Is there something you need to be set free from? Begin to pray this week for freedom, and consider sharing this with someone you trust who can also be praying for and encouraging you.
  • When God brings deliverance, He uses choice instruments in the process. Who are you thankful for that God has used to help deliver you in some way? Make a point to let them know this week how grateful you are for them.

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