Main Idea
God is a God of grace and mercy, but He doesn’t erase consequences.

King David is one of the most famous people in all of history. When you think of him, what words, stories or characteristics come to mind?

Prosperity and ease are often perilous times, not just times of blessing. Where have you felt tempted during seasons where things are going well?

What’s a decision you’ve made that you wish you could erase the consequences of?

What does the Bible say?
Read 2 Samuel 11:1-18, 27

Bad decisions are a process, not a sudden act. What compromises did David make that turned his initial bad decision into a series of bad decisions? What similar compromises can tend to be true for you?

Apply the message
What is one boundary you can add to your life now, that would help you protect your most important relationships from unplanned consequences?

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