Main Idea
Even in the worst of times God is near to us. God uses these moments, and our responses to them, to bring about good.


If your life was a movie who would play you and why? If you don’t know, ask your group for suggestions.


Integrity isn’t always popular. Share a time in your life when you made a decision that you knew wasn’t going to be popular or easy.


What does the Bible say?
Read 1 Peter 5:6-7 & 10
God frequently uses difficult circumstances to bring about tremendous blessing. When have you experienced this in your life?


Read Ruth 1:6-18
Ruth demonstrated a beautiful and profound level of commitment to Naomi during their shared trials. Who is someone that has made a similar commitment to you and how did they demonstrate it?


Apply the message
In the Book of Ruth, God was using real people’s challenges to literally bring Jesus into the world. What is going on in your life, right now, that God wants to redeem for good? What is your “right response” to this trial this week?


The Bible Project – Ruth

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