Main Idea
Nations, families and people are caught in a vicious cycle of bondage. God provides His people with a way to break the cycle through obedience.


What is a bad habit that you just can’t seem to shake or out-grow, no matter how hard you try?


This week, we saw 5 factors from the Book of Judges that contribute to a deadly cycle for God’s People: Disobedience > Bondage > Misery > Deliverance/Rest > Compromise, and back again to Disobedience


Where have you seen these factors at work in our nation?


Where have you seen these factors at work in your life?


What does the Bible say?
Read Judges 2:11-19


In this text, we were reminded that the problem in this cycle isn’t the nation, it was the disobedient people who made up the nation. In what situations are you tempted to be like Israel in disobedience and to forget God’s deliverance?


Apply the message
Read Hebrews 12:5-6


Like a good parent, God lovingly disciplines His children in order to protect them. In what area of your life do you need to embrace the deliverance of God’s discipline and let Him guide you to obedience, freedom and rest?


For more background on Judges


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